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 icture a beautiful book of your family’s photos and stories sitting on your dining room table. It’s a unique memento – something to be enjoyed now and in the future. Perhaps you would like us to tell your grandmother’s story: our professional writers can conduct a series of relaxed interviews with her and then produce a manuscript. Storylines also edits Tribute books where friends and family tell stories about a loved one. All of our books can be produced in hardback with photos. Please read below for more information or click onto our book samplespage to see some of our work.


1. Your Story

his is literally your story, in your words. Over just a few hours, a Storylines journalist will conduct one or two relaxed research conversations with you. During this time, we will help you decide the focus of your book, whether it's about a particular time or a more general look back over your life. After a final interview with you, we will write and lay out your story with photos, to be approved by you before printing. Storylines can also provide Your Story as text only. If you have already written your story we can give you a quote to edit it and then lay it out into a book with photos. Click here to see a Your Story book example or on the "Fast Facts" link below to find out more.

  Your Story Fast Facts

Your Story Word length Photos Delivery
30 pages 1200-1500 words
(approx. 4 x A4 pages)
30 3-6
50 pages 2,500-3000 words 
(approx. 8 x A4 pages)
50 4-6
70 pages 4,500-5000 words 
(approx. 10 x A4 pages)
70 4-6


2. Your Biography

Storylines biography is a unique record of someone's life that is treasured by family and friends for many generations. Some people ask us to write their biography based solely on the interviews we conduct with them. Others ask us to include interviews with friends and family. In some cases we conduct external research, which helps us set a story in context, creating what can often be a richer and more interesting book. Your Biography can be as long as you like, but we recommend a minimum length of 20,000 words.

  Your Biography Fast Facts

Your Story Word length Delivery
Small 20,000 words
(approx. 45 x A4 pages)
3-4 months
Medium 40,000 words 
(approx. 90 x A4 pages)
6-7 months
Large 80,000 words 
(approx. 180 x A4 pages)
8-12 months


3. Your Tribute

 his package is a unique gift - one that's bound to deeply move the recipient, be it Nan on her 80th birhday or your daughter on her 21st. Your Tribute brings together short stories from family and friends with photos. It is a unique gift that will paint a rich and dynamic picture of the person you love. Once you’ve collected the material, our professional team of writers will edit it and lay it out with your photos. For a small additional fee, we can conduct the interviews and write the stories for you. Click here to see a Your Tribute book example or on the "Fast Facts" link below to find out more. 

  Your Tribute Fast Facts

Your Story Word length Photos Delivery
30 pages 1,500 words
(5 x 300 word stories)
50 3-6
50 pages 3,000 words
(10 x 300 word stories)
80 4-6
70 pages 4,500 words
(15 x 300 word stories)
100 4-6