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Your Story and Your Biography books

How long will it take to make the book?

For Your Story books, we conduct one or two research sessions with you (relaxed conversations over the phone or in person) and then record a final interview of up to two hours before writing your manuscript.

The time taken to write Your Biography depends on its length and the the time you are able to make available for interviews (it usually takes 4-6 hours of interviews to produce 5,000 words of manuscript). We usually recommend allowing at least three-four months for a 20,000 word biography, six-seven months for 40,000 words and up to a year for an 80,000 word biography.

Is my story compelling enough?

Yes. Your story matters because it’s part of your family’s history. Everybody has a story to tell and you’re likely to have insights and memories that nobody in the family has heard before.

I don’t know where to start telling my story.

Storylines’ professional writers can guide you on how to structure your book. They can also give you a list of suggested topics and ideas.

What if I’m asked questions I don’t want to answer?

It’s your book and you can decide what goes in it.

What if I say something and then realise I don’t want it in the book?

You can direct us to make changes once you’ve seen the draft copy.

Do I need to prepare?

The questionnaire we send you will help you focus on the stories you would like to tell. We recommend that you take a little time thinking about what you want to say, but you don’t need to do any kind of extensive preparation. You’ll be given an opportunity at the end of the interview to add anything you like if you feel something hasn’t been adequately covered.


Your Tribute books

How much time will it take me to collect the photos and stories?

The process of making a Tribute Book is very straight forward so it shouldn’t take long. All you need to do is ask the contributors to email you their stories and a few photos to go into the book. Forward those stories and photos to us via email (or post them with the photos on CD or USB) and we will create the book for you.

What if people don’t feel confident about writing 300 words?

If some of your contributors don’t feel able to write their story, a Storylines’ professional journalist can interview them and write their story for them. It’s an easy process that can be done over the phone.  Please see book prices for more information.

What if people write more than 300 words per story?

You can either reduce the length of their story yourself or you have the option to pay for extra words in the book - see book prices.

How do you edit the stories?

We take great care to ensure the tone and meaning of all stories is retained during our sub-editing process. Sometimes it is necessary to change the order of ideas or sentences to make the stories flow logically. We also correct any grammatical mistakes. You will have the final approval on all changes.

In what order will the stories appear in the book?

This is completely up to you. Sometimes it works best to place them chronologically.

What should go on the front cover?

This is your decision but we suggest you put the best picture of the person the book is about on the front cover. The photo must be of a high resolution (minimum of 1MB, ideally 3-4MB).



Are there any restrictions on photos I can use?

We suggest all photos are a minimum of 1MB so they print well. They must be J-pegs. Email programs often compress photos when they send them so if you are emailing us your information, you must ensure the photos are sent in their original size (your email program may ask you if you want to make the attachment small, medium or large. Always choose large).

My photos are too large to email.

Some email programs restrict the size of attachments (including photos). If you can’t send a group of photos, try sending them one at a time. If they are still too big, send them to us on a CD or USB.

Can I use mobile phone pictures?

Ideally not, since they are often low resolution and don’t ususally work well in photo books.

How can I use old photos that are in albums and not digital?

For a small fee, we can scan and digitise photos for you ($5/photo).

My old photos are damaged. Can I still use them?

Storylines can retouch some photos. We assess each one individually.

How will I approve the book?

We will email you a PDF copy of the book, which you can print out and check. If you don’t have email, we can send you a hard copy PDF of the book for a small additional fee. Once you have made your corrections, please post the hard copy of your changes back to us and we will insert them (or you can scan the pages and email them to us). We ask people to pay particular attention to the spelling of family names.

What if I find a mistake in the book once it’s been printed?

Storylines takes great care to ensure each and every book is free of mistakes. If we have incorrectly put any of your changes into our system, we will reprint the corrected book free of charge.

Can I add to my book or make changes after it is printed?

Yes, but it will need to be reprinted. Please ask us for a quote.

What if I want to buy another book at a later stage?

Storylines will retain a copy of your book for three months after delivery of your original book. In this time you can order further books. Please see our book prices.


Terms and Conditions

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